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Lawyers  in a coaching meeting
An Intogreat Coach meeting with a lawyer

Our Services

We provide services, ranging from bespoke tailored lateral integration coaching programmes for individuals or teams (for example through our Partner Integration Programme), to advice to firms and companies on one or more of the challenges existing in their recruitment, lateral integration and/or follow on support. We are also able to undertake research projects for organisations looking for an analysis of how their competitors undertake lateral integration.


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Partner Integration Programme

The challenges faced by laterally hired partners and their new firms are well documented, and it is this that has led to the development of the Partner Integration Programme. Spanning six months, the programme is designed to create momentum and focus whilst supporting the lateral partner, as they settle into their new role and new firm. Each programme will be tailored to individuals, but is likely to include:


  • Refining and finalising the lateral’s business plan (typically produced during the recruitment process);

  • Identifying key stakeholders and agreeing expectations with the lateral’s new firm;

  • Understanding how performance will be measured;

  • Reviewing networks and building relationships;

  • Evaluating the existing team which the lateral has joined;

  • Becoming involved in firmwide activities and taking on additional responsibilities;

  • Understanding the lateral’s new firm’s culture and avoiding any transition traps;

  • Addressing any personal challenges, the lateral may be facing.


The format will include one-to-one coaching sessions, information-checking meetings with key stakeholders, a 360° review and feedback, and on-going telephone/email support as required. This can be flexed to individually suit each lateral.

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